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LOURDES (HOOKLESS) Post Partum Recovery Shapewear

LOURDES (HOOKLESS) Post Partum Recovery Shapewear

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LOURDES is a comfortable, hookless undergarment for shaping and supporting the abdomen post-delivery. Like a gentle hug for your tummy, this makes the transition back to your original figure as seamless as possible. Perfect for recovering from both normal and CS deliveries. Once the baby arrives, your abdomen needs support while the muscles are at their weakest. This recovery shapewear provides light compression and targeted support to heal from the inside out, working best within the first 8 weeks postpartum.



- Targets postpartum tummies right after delivery

- Wears comfortably well all day with breathable soft material

- Helps reduce swelling, relieve incision pain, and accelerate wound healing

- Corrects posture and relieves back pain by providing sufficient back support


Wear under all types of clothes on any occasion without discomfort. Can be worn everyday and right after delivery.




MATERIAL: Breathable Spandex Material

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