Challenge yourself and WEAR Shapewear Solutions

We SUPPORT and SHAPE women throughout every stages of their lives…

Using modern, comfortable, contouring garments suitable for all shapes and sizes. 

We’re on a mission to provide highest quality, most effective and affordable shapewear in the market. 

Encouraging women to embrace their femininity, look & feel incredible; and become the best version of themselves. 

In Shapewear Solutions you feel welcomed, accepted, and valued. Feel good in Shapewear Solutions any shape, any wear.


Our mission is to help you feel your best! We want you to love your body, exactly as it is today.

In Shapewear Solutions you feel welcomed, accepted and valued.

"I appreciate your support and effective advice. May you continue to be an inspiration to those women who wants to be in theor good shape and be confident with themselves.' - Jill

"This is my 2nd Shapewear Solutions purchase. It really helped me with my Post Partum Recovery. I am at 7 weeks PP now and I decided to transition to Waist Training. I put it on as soon as I got it and so far so good! It's also comfortable to wear and really helps me with my posture." -Jem Camba

"Thank you very much my Shapewear Solutions is so comfortable. I am glad that I found your store and came to know you. You are all so kind. I cannot thank you enough!' -Claudz