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KRISTINE Waist Trainer Sweat Pants

KRISTINE Waist Trainer Sweat Pants

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This revolutionary waist trainer sweat pants is perfect for bringing on a good sweat, ideal in reaching your fitness goals and healthy weight management. It stimulates thermo-sweat targeting the Core, Legs, Thigh, Hips and Glutes. Lightweight, comfortable and functional to wear while working out or even doing daily activities.



- Increases Sweating to Shed More Calories -Shape and Tone Faster

-Sauna Effect

-Targets the Core, Legs, Thigh, Hips and Glutens

-Accelerate Weight Loss

-Provides Compression and support

-Aims to correct posture, tone abdomen and firm tummy

-Helps in Post Partum Recovery

- Can be worn everyday and during workouts.



WASHING GUIDE Hand wash with cold water, do not put in the dryer. Use mild soap and detergent. Don’t let it soaked in water. Don’t twist or wring it, this will result in the boning to break. No bleach. Lay flat dry. Do not iron.



MATERIAL:Breathable Neoprene Polyester Material

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